Did not Cancel Employment Pass from old employer.

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I am from New Delhi, India working in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I started working in Kuala Lumpur in last year  August (2015). During my next 3 months, I was badly mistreated, my salary was always late (sometimes 1.5 months delay or in instalments) and I could not continue my work in the company so I decided to leave the company in the end of October, 2015. I immediately got a new job but my old employer refused to give me my release letter or tax receipt in order to proceed for stage 1 visa from my new employer. I chased them for next 7 months, finally after calling 10 times a week for 7 months they decided to pay my taxes and give me release letter in the middle of may, 2016. As I could not take any other job during this time, I decided to freelance for my new employer. I was not informed that i had to cancel the EP from first employer when i got my release letter. So after getting the letter My new employer started process for new EP but unfortunately it took another 2 months to settle everything. My Visa expiry date was 1st August 2016. So my new employer got me a special pass for a month. Now My old company refused to give me a new release letter which my new company requires (which should be dated 1st August 2016). My worry is, I did not cancel the EP after getting the release letter which I have been told, might give me trouble when I come back to Malaysia for a fresh new EP process. (if I go back to India before my special pass expires) I need to know what could I do to fix this situation ?

As long as you paid your taxes no probl.even you didnt cancel your ep as its already expired.

Hi Thanks for the reply, My taxes are cleared for the last year and I have already done e-filling and waiting for the tax return money. So I was planning to go to tax depart this monday and clear my taxes till July, 2016. and go back to India. Then come back here again on visitor pass and start a new EP process again. Is that overall okay to do ? would I be stopped at immigration when entering in Malaysia as I did not cancel my EP before ? (I have been told this might happen since immigration has a record from My old company acknowledging that I have left the company in may, 2016). Again, thanks a lot for replying. :)

Your EP is expired. I dont think it should be a problem but you need to get a release letter from.your previous company for your new EP process and make sure you submit your B-E tax receipt as well

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