purchase of apartment in kyiv

i am currently searching for a small apartment in podol area, i have found one that i like for a price thats very good, can anybody advise me what is nessersary to complete a successful purchase, and of any pitfalls i need to look out for?
also what costs might be involved in the transaction? i have a ukraine bank account, so just need to take some advice here.
thanks in advance

If you visit the blog section of this website you will find my blog and an article dedicated to your question. Here is the direct link:

As to taxes, you can ask any notary office close to you. Usually each party pays taxes in the  amount of 1% out of the purchase price.

sorry, i cant find your blog here , the link don't work

sorry i cannot find it …

Today I made a decision to sell my apartment. I made a post on this forum: … 17#3324457

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