Looking for a new home for my rescue cat

Dear Forum,
We adopted a rescue cat from LAWS in Lefkada back in 2006 when he was just a tiny kitten. He is now 10 & as our lives change we find we need to find him a new home. He is a loving cat, is great with children & adults but sadly not with other animals. He's very affectionate & will follow you everywhere, almost like a dog if you let him! As he is older he spends a lot of time sleeping, relaxing and asking for cuddles. He is fully house trained & uses a cat flap to come & go as he pleases. he is very clean & does his business outside.
We would love to keep him but the think it would be cruel to subject him to the 9 hour flight to our new home. If we can rehome him in Greece it would be perfect. He would make a great companion for someone on their own or a fabulous family addition.
If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them. Thank you! Amy & my cat, Naboo

Oh! & we currently live in Porto Heli, Argolida.

A cat can easily handle a 9 hour flight, even longer without ill affect.  A veterinarian can assist you if sedation may be necessary.  Are you sure you REALLY need to dump the cat off on someone?  Rehoming a cat that you've had nearly 10 years sounds more cruel to me then taking it on a flight to your new home.

If you must get rid of the cat, why don't you contact the organization where you obtained him?  It may be better to let a rescue help find a suitable home, as opposed to dropping him off to another expat who might inevitably get rid of him again.

I totally agree,it would be much kinder to take the cat with you,it seems cruel to leave it behind,a trauma for the cat as its part of your family now.It will easy take the journey with a little sedation provided by a vet.

Oh you make us feel terrible! We're not trying to 'dump' or get 'rid' of our darling cat, just find the best solution for him. If we felt he would enjoy life where we're going or not be scarred of life by the journey we'd take him in a flash!
We're moving to the Caribbean so a 4 hr flight to UK & then 9 hours to Antigua and then another 2 hrs to BVI which is not a very cat friendly country! He'd hate it! We have been looking for sometime for the right person/family to come along and just thought chatting on here might come up with an idea or solution we'd not thought of, or someone in need of very good company.

Would the cat not continue live with you in the house if you took him? How did you come to the conclusion that he'd hate it there, and also the conclusion that British Virgin Islands are not "cat friendly"?  There's no quarantine requirements, you'd only need a health certificate from the vet and be current on vaccinations.  He might not enjoy the flight(s), but I think continuing to live with the people that have cared for him for 10 years would certainly outweigh a few hours of inconvenience and adjustment.  People all the time travel/relocate with pets without any trauma!

If you truly consider him a "darling cat" and "would take him in a flash", then you should really re-evaluate your decision and treat him accordingly,  Are you really trying to find the best solution for the cat, or just what's easiest for you at the moment?

Thanks a lot of you 'help' Romaniac but it's no help at all. We have spent a long time making this very difficult decision. He has lived with friends the last 2 winters while we have been away for work & adjusted immediately. We know our darling cat and you do not. We know whether a long & arduous journey would be worth the life he would have in our new location & our decision is made based on him, not us.
We hope you can help others with your comments but please don't bother to reply to us now. You have done nothing but upset us with your judgemental comments.

If you're upset by my comments, then perhaps that's your conscience telling you something.  I've seen/heard plenty of excuses for animal owners (including expats) over the years to dump their animals off on others.  Most of the time, the given reasons (including yours) are easily remediated.  The reasons you gave are common and also easily resolved by responsible animal owners and lovers.

You didn't answer my questions, so it's likely given that the conclusion you arrived at that the British Virgin Islands are not cat friendly, and your cats intolerance to a new location is totally baseless.  If he can adjust to staying with your friends, he'll manage with a plane ride and a new country. 

Anyway, I'd wish you luck in leaving behind your senior age cat like a piece of unwanted furniture, but I'd be insincere.  I do wish however that once you arrive in your new destination, please don't take another animal.  Taking an animal should be a lifelong commitment!.  I'm sure the Lefkas Animal Welfare Society would agree with my perspective.

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