Hi my name is Sandy, Filipino,  moving in Ghent Belgium anytime soon, anyone here who can suggest school that is affordable, flexible and with good quality of teaching  Dutch Language? Thank you in advance :)

If you google "gent cvo" you will get a list of adult education establishments where you get low cost and sometimes free Dutch courses.

The Huis van het Nederlands can also arrange placements in the CVOs.

Hi Tervurener,

This would be a great help for me! Thanks a lot, Cheers !

As said best way is to go through Huis Van Het Netherlands. They offer courses around 90euros per level and then 20euros for books. However you can also sometimes get so many free if you also fallow there integration course.  Other than that you have the university and that is about 300 to 400 euros a level. It is said the university course is the better one to take if you want to learn quickly. However it is harder and needs a lot more studying. I only ever did option one however.

Hi :)
Living myself in Gent (and born here) ... I know many expats go to Ghent university for an intens course. I might be wrong, but if not, it takes 3 months, and you'll be able to talk quite well :)
And as I wrote in another forum, there are no secrets to learn a language: practice and talk to people, that's the way to succes :)
Feel free to contact me... Good luck!

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