Crutches Needed

Hi I've recently broken my ankle and can't find any crutches for someone 190cm. Can anyone help me?


I've found few pages selling crutches and was able to contact this one:

They said that you can purchase metal crutches which is adjustable about height.
So a pair of metal crutches' height is 160cm, and you can adjust to maximize of 20cm more, so total is 180cm,
would be enough for you 190cm.

The price is 300,000 VND and they do shipping.
I don't know about shipping price yet.
You may ask a Vietnamese acquaintance to call them to 0435765799.
Or if you don't have a Vnese acquaintance to ask for help, you may ask me.

Update: The inox crutches look like this: … 5t-HN.html

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