Lets go to East Borneo

Halo. Im Aji from Samarinda (East Borneo/Kalimantan Province, Indonesia). Perhaps most people who have never been to Indonesia only knew Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, Yogyakarta. If you have chance to East Kalimantan like Samarinda, Balikpapan etc and confused or lost, chat me, I'll help you. Thanks.

I've been on Java for nine years now, but with the odd trip to other areas.
I have yet to visit your place, but it's on my bucket list.

Thank you for the invite.

Samarinda and especially Balikpapan are indeed very beautiful places to visit with some amazing beaches and coastal scenery and I have been there many times. My next trip will hopefully be to Banjarmasin in the south.

I just let you know if you are in one of these cities, which is important not during weekdays, because during the weekdays possible only via this communication or mobile phones. and hopefully you fluent Indonesian, because my English is not good hahaha .....
Actually I am confused with people who come from abroad, experience what is he looking for?
Yup Banjarmasin capital of South Kalimantan

Thank you for your visit, the famous beach in Balikpapan is Lamaru and Manggar, but I recommend the Lamaru beach. Nearby there is also a breeding crocodiles in Teritip. If in Samarinda you can go to Pampang to see Dayak culture. About 30 km lg you can also to visit the museum to Tenggarong Kutai Kingdom.

I would like to go to Mempawah and Pontianak.  Do you think you can give me more info on Balikpapan, Mempawah (history of Raja Haji and the Sultan here) and Pontianak in 1700.


What info do you want to get? Is the tourist attractions or historical sights?
If about Balikpapan, maybe I can still help because it is still within the scope of East Kalimantan. But if on Mempawah and Pontianak I may not be much help because it is located in West Kalimantan.
Balikpapan contained in Agro Parks, Wana Km 10, Bridges Ulin Kariangau, Manggar Beach, Coastal Lamaru, Wain River Protection Forest, Crocodile, Monument Japan, People's Struggle Monument, Memorial Division 7 Australia, Japan Goa, etc.
It looks like you are interested in the history of the 1700s. When talking about the history of Raja Haji and the Sultanate in Mempawah and Pontianak, I'll answer the best I can.
But beforehand whether you are looking for that Raja Haji (Raja Haji Fisabilillah) son of Daeng Celak? With the position of Yang Dipertuan Muda 4th Sultanate of Johor-Riau-Lingga? He is the younger brother of the Sultan Salahuddin Shah (Raja Lumu / Sultan Selangor). If so, his grave is in Riau Islands (near the island of Sumatra). In the days Daeng Kamboja, he was inaugurated Raja Haji as First Engku Kelana.
Kadriyah Pontianak Sultanate was founded by Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman Alqadrie son of Syed Habib Husein Alqadrie (Great Ulama of South Yemen). He is married to Putri Candramidi daughter of Opu Daeng Menambon (Pangeran Mas Surya Negara / Sultanate Mempawah). Then remarried in Banjar with Ratu Syahbanun daughter of Sultan Sepuh.
Third Empire still intertwined (Johor-Riau-Lingga, Mempawah, Pontianak), due Daeng Celak and Daeng Menambon are siblings (children of Opu Tandre Borong Daeng Rilekke or another name Opu Tendriburang Dilaga).
So the Riau Islands to be included in your list. Thanks.

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