Low cost housing near Hare Krishna Temples?

Hare Krishna. I am going to retire in 2 years and am saving up my money now so I can retire on social security  in 2 years. I am trying to find a low cost of living area in India or elsewhere which has a Hare Krishna Temple  nearby. Thanks for any assistance or advice.

Hi Pandora99,

I suggest you drop an advert in the Housing in India section of the website with your requirements. It could get you get some offers.

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Thanks Bhavna. I will try to find it and check that section out.

I just now tried to place an ad in the Housing in India section but my ad was rejected by the administrators here on this site. I thought you had a great idea Bhavna. I was honest in my ad stating that I wasn't looking for a place right now but rather in the future and was just trying to get some information right now.

hi padora i sent u message plz check.

Hare Krishna...In India you can stat in New Delhi in sector 25 Rohini.What is your budget for buying a residential place to live near Iscon temple a hare Krishna temple.there is this temple in sector 25 which was started just a few years ago so plenty of sewa is also required.In picket 1 Sec 25 Rohini I can help you to get a residential place to live near Hare Krishna temple.If interested pls contact xxx. Savita

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Dear ,

Most Indian cities have Hare Krishna Temples, which city are you interested in, the cost would be dependent on the city of choice

I would really like to check out Mayapur first.

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