Family visa cancellation....

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I have question? I am about to exit Oman and i would get my visa cancelled. My family is having Family Joining Visa but they are in India. whether my family is required to come back here and be physically present for their visa cancellation as well. or the family joining visa shall automatically be cancelled after my visa cancellation or its tenure expiry.  Is there any problem in future if they do not come and get their visa cancelled.

Hi rmisra_21,

If the primary visa holder's visa is cancelled, all visas attached to that visa would automatically get cancelled.

However, due intimation has to be given by your company / sponsor, as in certain cases after the exit of the primary visa holder, his family have stayed behind until the school term ends, or for wherever other valid reasons.

But make sure your company / sponsor /PRO is informed accordingly and all needed processes are adhered to officially.

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