job offer in Azerbaijan as nurse

Hai i got a job offer in Azerbaijan as nurse

Do they recruite nurses from abroad

I have job offer as a nurse, but still confused, i heard from some people that they don't recruit expat Nurses


how could we possibly you ? What is your question exactly ?

I am nurse, from India, i got a job offer from newly starting hospital, i heard that Azerbaijan dont recruite nurses from abroad. Us it true?

Hello.. me too I got a job offer as a nurse.. in which company u r? Because I difnt have yet my contract detail only salary was given to me. Do u have any idea where and how to check if the job offer is authentic? Thank you. The recruiter said is kind of medic job, and starting date will be end of October but no specific date yet.

Hi pls wtsp me on ***

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Are you working in azerbaijan, i got a job offer in Vagif Co. from azerbaijan. with 2550 AZM, kindly any guide me how is the salary. Accomodation, food and transportation provided by the company.

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