Considering moving to Blackburn Victoria

I am relocating from the UK in September and looking at Blackburn as a possibility? We have two girls aged 9 and 6 years.? Need advice regarding the area,Cathoilic,Schools and links to the city?

There is a league table of Australian schools but it depends on your visa type and finances.  Are you going private or state - will make a big difference.

If you have permanent status you get a state school place nearest to your home.

If your going private you can choose the school yourself, Aus schools have a good reputation for education and the top schools are often difficult to get into.  The grammar system exists as well but totally different to the UK system, you can fail the exam and still get in if the staff like you!!

Also the school year runs from Jan to Dec so if going in September it will be near the end of the school year.

Really depends on the type of school you want, single sex - grammar - private etc. to be able to make a decision.

Hope that helps

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