Thailand: 4 dead and several injured in bombings

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Several explosions took place in Thailand on Thursday 11 and Friday 12, August. 4 people were reported dead in different cities while many were injured, including foreign nationals.

The first explosion was heard in the Hua Hin beach resort. One person was killed. Among the 21 injured, there were two Germans, one Italian and two Dutch tourists. A Thai was killed in a second explosion in Trang.

Another explosion took place at Hua Hin on Friday morning, killing one person, followed by another in Phuket, with one injured. According to media reports, the bombs were hidden in plant pots in a tourist area of Hua Hin with many bars and restaurants.

These attacks have not been claimed till now. However, Thai police is investigating all possible leads. Political conflicts are suspected to be behind these attacks. Note that the Thai people are celebrating their Queen's birthday this Friday.

Foreign nationals who are on the spot or who are planning to travel to Thailand are advised to be cautious and to stay away from public gatherings. 

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Our sincere thoughts go to families of victims and all those afflicted by this tragedy.

Feel free to share your feelings with us if you are on the spot.

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