Please advice me which car I should buy in Viet Nam

Hello every one,
I want to buy a new car for my family which have 4 or 5 seats and strong vehicle and nice form.
I wonder which brand should I buy: Ford, Toyota, Mazda or Kia?
Please kindly advice for me.
I believe in your experiences.
Thank you very much.

Mazda CX-5.  We have had one for three years; not a single problem.  Comfortable, economical, a pleasure to drive...

We have a private driver for the Ford Taurus. It takes us back and forth between Bien Hoa and HCMC quite smoothly with our 1 year old daughter being quite restless.

It all comes down to how much you want to spend.

yes, it depends on your budget, as i known, buying a new car in Vietnam is very very expensive than any other countries.

I believe that, these days, it is the Koreans who make the best products in anything (to my knowledge, no car models have been recalled yet) , so I vote for a Kia

Personally I would go for Ford Ranger, 5 seat car with plenty of space in the back. Truck tax so it is "cheap" then again you can choose with any other pickups too..

Good words from Wally.

(any) ute has many uses, and apart from the all-important 'presence', it also retains a high resale value far above the common car.   AND they don't (usually) break as easily...

..please don't watch the TV ads for Toyota, however...

Sophie in HCM :

yes, it depends on your budget, as i known, buying a new car in Vietnam is very very expensive than any other countries.

or wait until 2018. Seems cars imported from Indonesia will be cheapest. 20% import tax as opposed to the 100% now.

It's all depend on your budget, Toyota is the best make. You can select made in VN or imported Toyota models based on budget. Imported cars are expensive though.

The most popular SUV here are the Toyota Fortuner and the Ford Explorer, but they are very expensive ! I think it is better to buy one overseas and ship it here second hand.

you can have a look at Hyundi, they make a good small car. you want to buy a smallish car as it will have better re sale value and easier to use in Vietnam.

I have owned both the toyota fortuner and the Mazda CX-5.  Unless you need the extra room, I found the Mazda more comfortable and pleasant to drive.  One thing I would mention also is that repairs (we haven't needed mechanical repairs but have had bodywork done a few time) are extremely cheap compared to other countries.  We have had all the work done by the official dealer and I have been shocked at how cheap things are.

Never choose a car by its brand

Every brand has good car and bad car as well

Two important thing when buying a car are your budget and what you need in a car

+How much are you willing to pay for a car?

+You need a car that have 4 or 5 seats and strong vehicle and nice form. I must say your need is too common. Most of cars have 4 - 5 seat. And strong? How strong is enough? If you buy a car and only ride it on urban area, a 4X4 with super strong engine seems useless. If you want to travel farther (20 - 100km per day), you should care more about the comfort of seat and gas mileage. High-powered engine only helps when you want to have better acceleration or go on very bad, bumpy road. And everyone has his own taste of beauty, I may choose MItsu Outlander for its appearance but you see it ugly AF

You need to provide more detailed information if you want to have a suitable car

I have a Kia Carens, more than enough for here.  It is top of the range Carens and is cheaper than Australia.  If you buy an import car, it is 100% import duty new or old, which makes it expensive. And also the hustle of extra payment in hand at the docks to Customs Staff.

My car is petrol, locals call it gas, but diesel is a cheaper fuel and diesels last a bit longer.

I read the posts here and some posts are from people who know little about cars.  Most people use motorbikes here.

My 1963 Jeep CJ-5 works fine for me. Bought it a few years ago because it was very useful on the farm. Now days, I putt putt around Sai Gon a bit from time to time.

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