New to Phnom Penh, Looking to meet new friends!

Hello all!  I'll be moving to PP next week for work and needless to say I'm ecstatic! I love SE Asia for some reason...I've lived in Vietnam for a year and the Philippines for about 6 years. I've heard many good things about PP.

All ye PP veterans, so which areas are good to live? I heard the Russian Market. BKK3, and Toul Kork are good areas to live in...

Any other advice is welcome...!


Hello Hmanh,

Nice to see your going to be moving over here. Im currently living in BKK1 and its really nice. Close to coffee shops, marts, and schools. Its about a 5 minute walk to the independence monument.

I've been living here in Cambodia on and off since 1996, If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to drop a message in my inbox.

best of luck,


Hey, how's it going?  Settling in?

Feel free to message if you need anything...

Hoping to move there soon myself. I want to teach English. What line of work are you in?

Myself, NGO and business management

Hello, This is Giang.

I am very new here in PP at toul kork area. I interested in NGO, charity, development and management. Can you pls share some ideas on that?

Thanks in advanced.


Trying to figure something out. Did you post this today? Because the date says August 11.

To me, original post shows 12 August and latest reply 12 September.
Anyone interested in meeting up?
If so, Thursday night? Saturday afternoon?

Saturday night sounds ok ha?

Afternoon ... say 4pm?

I am ok after 4pm. Any nice place suggestion? I dont know.

Tonle Khmer is cheap and overlooks the river just north of FCC and the pizza restaurants, south of Kwest and next to Daughters of Cambodia Visitor Centre.

No-one else expressed interest yet..

uhm. i thinjk most of ppl here havent been in Cam yet - and it was an off-day, sounds not interested in meeting up.

Maybe I'll try and work out when people are arriving and invite them then

hey, Let's try to organize meet up weekly at any coffee shop with local ppl.
Do you know any group like that eg: couchsurfing PP-meet up - or voluntary group: english speaking meet up?

Hi Everyone,

My husband and I are new to PP. We are looking to make a few friends. At the moment we are looking for a job. Our background is in hospitality, specifically hotels. Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Sir, welcome to Cambodia. Well, many place to stay in Phnom Penh but it sometime depending on your mind, such a place near royal palace or river side many foreigners stay there.

Any questions about phnom Penh are welcome,

Kearan San

Hello everyone,

@JC&Nev > for your job search, you can post an ad by creating your CV in the jobs in Phnom penh section.

I would invite you all to use the expat Event section to organise a meet up in your region. Click on post an event here > Events in Phnom Penh ;)

Nice. What NGO r u with?

I'll be stopping by PP this coming Friday Sept 30th. Anyone will be free to meet up on Friday for morning coffee or local lunch? 1st visit since 7 years ago. Would love to do some volunteer teaching if anyone could recommend.


I moved to Phnom Penh 9 months ago and I am always looking to meet more people.  If you would like to go for coffee or a beer sometime let me know.

Hello Dear!
I'm a Cambodian people I love to meet a new friend.
And I want to help another people come to  live in my country.
If you need to know some things about Cambodia I can help you dear.
Don't worry about anythings!


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