Please unblock me so i can make LEGITIMATE PMs

Hi. I'm moving to Phnom Penh next week and looking for an apartment to rent. So I wrote a paragraph-long message to send to prospective listings with lots of information about me and questions that I need to ask the property owner. Of course, I need to send that SAME message to each apartment I'm interested in and wanting to schedule an appointment to visit it. And that means I need to COPY & PASTE this message more than 5 times, but it is NOT spam. It is a legitimate message and it makes no sense, it is inefficient, and a waste of time for me to write this message over in a dissimilar way just to not be banned/blocked because of this silly rule.

Please unblock me. I need to look for an apartment. Thank you.

Go to the housing section top of this page and place a free advertisement there.

Wither your PMs are legitimate or not, copy and paste is not allowed on this forum.

Pon nouch rooftop reality , riverside , but housing forum is wonderful spot to look

Thanks for the suggestion twinsguy20...

Yes there are more rules on this site than I had in grade school , not sure why it's not very open but , I can see it's well monitored , I have been told several times I have broken the rules ? Breaking rules is not new to me so it does not bother me , but many apartments in pp, should even be able to take a Tuk Tuk and look for , rent signs and find something in a day , pon does all the paper work and helps me with all questions , and really goes extra mile so to speak , can't say enough good things about her and her company

Thanks again...sounds like that's exactly the kind of service I'm looking for. I'll give them a try...


Tell her Rod sent you , I have done all my business there , she is a very kind person , next to Burger King  near 118th street but on riverside facing river

twinsguy20 :

Yes there are more rules on this site than I had in grade school , not sure why it's not very open but , I can see it's well monitored, I have been told several times I have broken the rules

If it is very open it attracts many trolls and people that cannot behave, i.e. insulting people, foul language, personal insults sent by pm. All that is taken care of by the mods of this forum and they do a great job.

I was on a expat forum in Sihanoukville, that was plastered with insults and personal attacks. Finally they blocked one psycho (really), but he got in discussion and was taken back. That was the moment I quit....

Copy & Paste more than 5x is asking for trouble. It would get you the label scam /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\, Hotmail and many others that try to avoid scam. Scammers typically send multiple identical messages, so a good thing to block that.
On top Cambodia is not a country to use internet conversation, emails are not immediately answered, if at all. Call is the way to go. And as you mentioned, find a good real estate agent, call them and visit them, so you can put all your wishes in a personal talk. They know the places, let them do the work.

Thanks for the advice...

I've found joe Khmer knows what's up and what's not, I've been on this site and most if not always he's spot on , so I usually look what he has to say , seems like he cuts through the bs and gets it right , although a lot of others of course also know but once again I cannot say enough about the help with visas , personal stuff even that pon nouch and the group at roof top real estate has given me, there are many many others I Aussie also , but for me it will always be her and the staff at rooftop

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