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I am doing my E-residency card, one of the requirements as an EU citizen is to get photos that are signed and dated on the back.

My question is: signed by whom? And where do I get it signed?

Thank you!

As far as I know, signed and stamped (date) by the photo shop you have them taken at. I think that's a requirement in many EU countries (it's definitely that way in Austria).

Myself and my wife got our residents cards in February, we also went to the bother of getting photos, and got a notary that our friend new to sign them, as it said on forms. As is Malta, nobody even asked or looked at them in office, just took us thru back and took our photo there. Don't know if it's different now or not.

As far as I know you can no longer apply by post so this process is no longer necessary.
You have to appear in person and they take the photos at the office. Even when you still had to take your own photos with you the official you dealt with authenticated them.
Having the photos and documents authorised only applied for postal applications.


yup, confirm, they take their own photos

The HR team at my new employer are still advising people to get the photos - so annoying. It's a big company and you'd think they'd know! Luckily a colleague told me before I went off hunting for a photo place - he'd done as HR advised, turned up with the photos and the authorities wanted nothing to do with them. Money spent and hassle for nothing.

Unfortunately the gym we want to join requests actual photos so I'll need to find that photo place after all. Why they couldn't take a jpeg or whatever just for a gym pass, I don't know. 😬

felinefine: join the hotel near you, they have a good gym and do not need actual photos, and the membership includes free pilates etc

volcane that's the one I'm talking about - they wouldn't take the application without the photos :(

tell them your friend had no problems - do it by email and they have little choice.  Seriously we just mailed them and they sorted it out.  Your resulting card is ugly b/w but is a lot less hassle.

Ok thanks will try that this weekend. I went in before as I pass it each day, so thought that would be the quickest thing to do! Never mind.

Thanks :)

felinefine81 :

It's a big company and you'd think they'd know!

You are in Malta, never assume anything  :) Even in big companies there are small people working ...

Yip I am realising that. This is an international company who I have had dealings with in the UK and who are supposed to maintain the internationally set standards of their global brand. But...!!

There's a reason, why "international" companies move to Malta ... and it's for sure not because of the excellent local brain power.
However, there's a saying here about peanuts - but, to be honest, the life as a monkey can be quite comfortable  :lol:

Yeah for once this isn't a company that specifically set up here for tax reasons but is represented in most countries around the world in order to service clients.

Not that they won't be benefitting from the Maltese rules of course!

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