Do you need a translator?

Is it really hard for a foreigner such as yourself to travel in Ho Chi Minh city?
Well to be honest, many Vietnamese do not know English, and you can be in a difficult situation.
I'm a friendly, a not-so-good-looking-but-not-about-to-make-you-puke kind of guy.
I will help you with the speaking, and probably show you around on Saturday and Sunday. ( I stay at home a lot so please don't expect much. )
And if you want to study Vietnamese, i will gladly show you how.
Thank you for your time. :)

You (obviously) follow the eightfold path

Your motives are the correct ones

Only the light within matters

I'm actually studying Optometry in Ho Chi Minh City, and i just want to find a way to use most of my English. I don't really understand the eightfold path haha...( Not a buddhist )

Hi Thien599,

If you are actually looking for a job as translator, i invite you to post an ad in the Translator job vacancies in Vietnam section.

I also advise you to register yourself in the business directory > Translators and interpreters in Vietnam.



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