Children's international school in da nang

I am planning to move to Da Nang and was wondering if any other members have children enrolled in Greenshot international school? And if so, any one have an opinion about Greenshot?

Hello, I have 3 children, American with Vietnamese wife, living in Vietnam. We have homes in Danang and Hoi an. Not impressed with Green Shoots, and very expensive, no certifications either. Singapore International School (just south of Danang) is probably the best, they have Australian curriculum, but runs like $12-14,000 USD/year per child- outside our budget (and only slightly more then GreenShoots). My kids were going to Skyline International School in Danang, much more reasonable price, they have 2 schools. But they weren't learning much- the school is mostly for wealthy Vietnamese then foreigners (just have foreigner to learn English, which they already know). Now they are getting homeschooled by Australian teacher in Hoi An- very small class, all ages. Reasonably priced, and so far seems great, and my kids are loving it. Let me know if I can help more.

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Sorry, here's an update from my last post on this topic. We have become disappointed in the quality of education at the home school in Hoi An. Now we are working on trying to transfer the kids into the Singapore School near Danang. Although it is quite a bit more money, we now realize that trying to homeschool a child with only a few other kids in the class, all at different academic and emotional and age levels is challenging and the quality of the education really is compromised. Also, the homeschool is not run by an actual certified teacher with credentials. I feel if we keep the kids there for any length of time they will suffer social skills and fundamental academic skills. Additionally, they won't receive any education in Vietnamese language/ reading/ writing, which I feel is important. The children are isolated enough being a foreigner in Vietnam, looking different and not speaking the language. Instead of keeping them isolated, it is better to try to integrate them more rather then less. Hope this helps.

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Thank's for the update on your experience with the educational options in Da Nang it's much appreciated from me and my wife.
I know the educational system in Vietnam is not much to wright home about, but as my family and I are planning to try to live a permanent life in Vietnam we will just have to try and make the best out of it. I have been looking at Singapore international school to, it's seems like the best option in Da Nang even its going to burn a bit in our pockets as the children get older!!
Anyway we thank you again for giving us info on the subject!! I hope you can keep me updated on the matter and give me some feedback on Singapore international school if you manage to get your kids transferred.


I strongly recommend Green Shoots International School. I sent my daughter there since she 18 months and I'm very pleased with my choice. I have spoken with other parents including parents living in Da Nang (there is daily school bus btwn Da Nang and Hoi An), they  all seem very happy with Green Shoots education.

As far as I know, Green Shoots is a member of the Council of British International Schools and is accredited by Cambridge International Exams. They follow British curriculumn and elements of other international curricula. That's why I'm quite surprised with the information the school having no certification and accreditation

Good news for French families in Hoi An and Da Nang. They offers a French Integrated programme to primary students with sufficient fluency.

I'm planning to move to Da Nang next year. Then I have to consider schooling options for my child btwn Singapore International School or Green Shoots. So please let me know your feedbacks about SIS. Thanks :)

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The best accreditation for international schools from my research is the WASC ( Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accredited School. The Singapore International School in Danang is accredited with this. From my last contact with Green Shoots, they were applying for accreditation, but not approved and not by WASC.  Singapore School is also accredited as a Cambridge International Education Center, but Green Shoots own website states this is only for 14-16y.o.. Being a member of the Council of British International Schools does not seem to mean accreditation from it's website. Again, most of the best international schools (look at ones in Saigon/ Hanoi) have received accreditation from WASC. I have reviewed the curriculum at both schools, had my children look at textbooks, homework and tests on their grade level at both schools, and honestly, there was no comparison, SIS was far better.

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