Driving in Jordan

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I am planning with my friends to spend few days in Jordan. I am not sure what are the best options and the most convenience way to go places in Jordan, is it by bus, taxi or renting a car. Thus I would appreciate ur recommendations what are the best way to travel in Jordan.

If we are to opt for a rental car, how safe is that to drive there? especially for ladies?

would appreciate ur tips and advice. Tq.

you can rent a car... don’t worry about the safety in Jordan... it is still safe and u don’t need the pepper spray :)

Where you want to go and how depends on the places you want to visit.

If its in Amman, I would advice to take a taxi. These are very cheap and you don't have to drive in the chaotic traffic where almost nobody cares about the rules.
If you are not an experienced driver or not used to the unorganized traffic and not know where to drive, than a taxi is the most comfortable way to go around.

Some places are easy to visit by bus, like Jerash, Petra, Wadi Rum and Aqaba. It's cheaper than a renting car and you can enjoy the route and views without worrying about the traffic.
The roads outside Amman is less crowded and easy to ride, there are signs how you can reach your destination. My advice when you take the bus, to make a reservation at forehand to make sure you have a seat, specially when you go to the south like Petra and Aqaba. Keep in mind that some places, like Madaba, are not covered by public transportation.

Renting a car is the ultimate transportation if you don't want to be ruled by times and gives you the freedom to go and leave as you please.

I wouldn't worry about safety too much as Jordan is safe in my opinion. Driving is another story.  Driving outside Amman is fine, but inside amman with all the crazy drivers and lack of parking, if you want to relax on your vacation I'd recommend not driving yourself.

Kip98 :

I wouldn't worry about safety too much as Jordan is safe in my opinion. Driving is another story.  Driving outside Amman is fine, but inside amman with all the crazy drivers and lack of parking, if you want to relax on your vacation I'd recommend not driving yourself.

why you dont recommend? we know about the driving in Jordan.... yes it hard... but id she a good driver... i think there is know problem

I said if she wants a relaxing time....I don't think anyone finds driving in amman relaxing :)  just my opinion, that if I was here for vacation just for a few days I wouldn't want to bother with a rental for inside amman. Taxis are easy and cheap here and you don't have to worry about knowing where you are going and finding parking etc.

ok, i understand your point of view, thanks for your clarification

if the Jordanians drivers' behavior are not erratic like in Saudi then I would opt to drive in Jordan. I would arrive at Amman airport, what would you guys suggest for me to visit first. I read on the internet they did not suggest to visit petra on the first day as the entrance fee is higher.. We want to visit  petra, wadi rum, dead sea and mt Nebo. If those places are accessible by buses we might consider for public transport. At least we get to relax and enjoy th sceneries while the driver takes the strain.

Thank you for all the good advice and tips. It is sincerely appreciated. By the way, is there UBER service in Jordan?

There are some local companies, which arrange journeys to south of Jordan, one of these company is called Jett.

You can write them an email or call them when you here in Amman.

The entrance fees are for 3 days in Petra, so you can still there up to you, but one day in Petra is not enough to see the whole old city. You have to strength the muscles of your legs, before your visit.

i advise you also to visit the north of Jordan Valley...

what do you mean about "Uber service"?

We do have Uber but I have never used it Iin this country, nor do I know anyone who has. I think they started last year and I don't think it's caught on too much.  So I'm not sure if it's as good as elsewhere.

How long you will stay in Jordan?
There is no public transport to Madaba and the Dead Sea. As they are close together,  you can visit these places on one day. Maybe you would like to stay overnight at the Dead Sea too. You could use a taxi for a fixed price but they will probably charge you more so be aware of that.

Same for Petra and Wadi Rum. For  Petra you need at least a full day to visit but better more days. But that's up to you. Distance between Petra and Wadi Rum is approximately 220 km, a two hour drive . There is bus transportation and taxis to get you there and back.

As you drive in KSA,  and I suspect the same crazyness as here, I would suggest a rental car. Go first to the Dead Sea (overstay?) and the next morning  to Madaba. Don't forget to visit the oldest mosaic map of the holy land in the church and mountain  Nebo. This cost you a half day.
If you drive,  take then the Kings highway to the south: Petra.
It's a six to eight hours drive but you get amazing views.

Apparently there is Uber service but I never tried it.

What you read about the fees for Petra when you visit the site on your arrival,  is for those who come from Israel or Egypt and just want to visit Petra without staying in Jordan for a few days.

Enjoy your planning.

If you're planning on doing stuff outside amman, I don't think a rental car is a bad idea as traffic and parking aren't really an issue where you want to go. But having a bus just take you there might be nice too.  We have a car so I've never used the buses to these places so I don't have anything to add.

It's been a while since I've been to wadi rum and petra. But I remember coming from aqaba, spending a day at wadi rum and driving to petra at night staying the night and getting up and seeing petra starting early in the morning. We did Petra all in one day. This was when I was is much better shape than I'm in now and after wadi rum and petra I was exhausted. But totally worth it. If I were to do it again I'd probably add the dead sea after those two as a soak in the dead sea is great for sore and tired muscles.

I've actually never been to Mt Nebo.  Jordan has so much to see!

It's almost a must to sleep in a bedouin tent in Wadi Rum. Eating zegreb while seeing the stars and enjoy the absolute silence of the desert.

Well.... not when you are partying.

I want to do the tent thing so bad!  :)

hi there... i recommend you to rent a car or using bus for far destination

Thank you so much guys for the tidbits. Being a frugal traveller I just want to ensure the best option i could choose to make my trip within the budget without breaking a Jordanian currency is quite high against the riyal. so gotta be sure i get a good tips to survive in Jordan, and make the trip within the budget. It is just a short trip, so I need to plan it out in depth. InsyAllah i will be going there after the Hajj season, end of October. If there are any useful tips it is sincerely much appreciated.

bring warm clothes with you, in October will be cold in Jordan especially in the night.

Sorry I am stealing your tread Nada but I have a few questions regarding the trip to Jordan also and I hope you wouldn't mind.

I will be arriving to Jordan on 30th of September and will stay until the 10th of October. I will be located in Amman probably and will have to travel to the city of Zarqa on 1st, 4th and 7th which leaves me 6 days to explore the country.

My first questions is regarding visa, I have read so many information online and it says it costs 40 JOD, while if I enter trough the airport it will cost me 20 JOD. On the other hand I read some official info which says that visa fee is waived for all tourists that will spend at least 3 nights in the country, so I am wondering which one is true?

My second question is related to the places I should visit. I know 6 whole days is not enough to explore everything that Jordan has to offer but I would like to see as much as possible. That being said, can you please give me advices what is a must and which places are cool to visit?

Another thing to add is that I am also thinking about renting a car but I am not sure if its worth it, as its energy consuming and I don't know if I will have strength to explore Wadi Rum or Petra after 5 hours of driving. So I am wondering how much time is needed to reach the southern cities driving from Amman?

Thank you in advance.


Visa fee is 40jd. They changed it not too long ago.  If youre looking for stuff to do closer to amman dead sea isn't far and is a must do.  Also Jerash  and ajloun.  Petra is a few hours but it's amazing.

Well, my plan was to explore Amman on the 30th,1st, 4th, 7th in the afternoon (hopefully I could manage to visit both Jerash and ajloun on those days?), and other parts of the country on my free days for eg. I would visit Wadi rum for a night in the desert and Aqaba for snorkeling on 2nd/3rd, then Petra on 5th/6th, and Dead sea/something else on 8th and 9th.

What I was wondering is, is it possible to do all the things mentioned above with only  public transportation or is it too much?

If you want to visit Jerash and Ajloun in the afternoon remind that you can buy tickets until five o'clock. After that it's not possible anymore but you can visit these sites until sunset. I found this out just yesterday.
It is possible to combine these two sites but you run out of time when you come in the afternoon.

For the places in the south,  yes, its fairly to visit on the program you have in mind.
Keep in mind that the fare to Petra it cost you three hours and from Petra to wadi Rum two hours and one hour to Aqaba if you travel from wadi Rum.

I am thinking to purchase Jordan pass from , its visa   access to any place/museum in the country for 2 weeks including visit to Petra... It should be a good price having in mind that the visa fee is 40 JOD and another 50 JOD fee for 1 visit to Petra, this way I will get both things for 70 JOD   access to any other site in the country.

The thing about my journey to the south is that I will always have to travel from and to Amman... Meaning, on the 2nd I will travel to the Petra in the morning, spend a day over there, sleep in the desert, and on the 3rd I have to travel back to Amman. Then on the 5th, I have to travel to Aqaba, snorkel and swim a little then travel back to Amman on 6th in the evening and so on... It might be a challenge, also expensive one :)

And very time consuming.
At least you try to make the best of it and spend your time very well.

I hope you will enjoy the hospitality of the Jordanians, the beautiful country with his many different sites and the rich history and culture.

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