Istanbul Airport


my name is Burak,

i'm from Istanbul, working at Ataturk Airport, i have passion for traveling and looking around. I travelled lots of countries and also worked in Jeddah and Dammam as an aircraft engineer.

i would like to meet some people so we can explorer together.

i can speek Turkish, English, and a little Tatar.
i visited a lot of cities around the world in the past and i would like to see new places and try new things

If you visit Istanbul Ataturk airport we can meet.

see you soon ;)


Hi , My name is Ashish Telang and I am electrical Engineer f om Mumbai , India and currently Living in Jeddah , I want to Visit Istanbul and could you please guide me the following

1. I have an iqama  alreaddy , do i need to have a visa to travel to Istanbul

2. What are the Options for Stay in Istanbul and the best time to visit

Awaiting Your reply

1- Your iqama can help you get visa on arrival visas for 3 GCC countries Oman, Bahrain and Qatar. You need visas to visit the rest of the world (except India of course). Turkey is one of them.

2- The best time to visit Turkey is September to November.

Hi Asish46;

You need to get visa. There is easy way for application for 30 days visa, you can visit: government website:
The options are depends on your decision. If you like to stay crowded places you can stay at Taksim, Beyoglu area. If you want to stay historical places I advice you to stay Blue Mosque(Sultan Ahmet)- Hagia Sofia area. There are lots of pansions and hotels just 2-3 street behind of Hagia Sofia and lots of tourists prefer to stay there. Hagia Sofia , SultanAhmet is walking distance and there is metro bus and taxi alternatives are available.
The best time to visit Istanbul is between April-Jun and between September-November. In July and August the weather is very hot it will be difficult to walk around.

I hope these info helps, if you need further answer please write.

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