Will $700 be enough to live comfortable in kampala?

i am ifie josiah from nigeria.i got an employment with kampala
nternational university as an assistant lecturer with $700,
accomodation and payment of utilities.will the $700 be enough
to live comfortable in kampala

Hi Ifiej Josiah,

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Till members provide you some relevant information, i suggest you read the threads under the Cost of living in Kampala category of the forum and the Cost of living in Uganda – 2015 thread, if will get you an idea.

Will you be moving alone ?

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I will be moving in alone. accommodation is provided and utilities including transportation will be taken care of by the company.then the $700 is salary after tax. will it be enough.

I went through but do not seem to understand if it will or will not.


Hi again Ifiej,

Maybe this will help you : … rrency=USD … rrency=NGN


Interesting note I was wondering the same thing but I'm from the USA trying to see what's available and reasonable.thanks for the url

Hi ifiej

That is a good salary, if you have accom and bills paid for.

You can spend as much or as little as you want in Kampala.

If you eat local food, you can pay $1 - 3 for lunch. Beers in local bars are $1 or $1.5.
It's when you go  into town / places popular with expats that prices increase. Then, expect to pay upto $10 for a main course.

Kampala is a wonderful place to live! Great nightlife :)

Save some money for weekends away: safaris, gorilla trekking, white water rafting and hiking.

Read my blog for more info on life as an expat in UG Diary of a Muzungu | Uganda travel blog

It depends on your on if your coming with your family to Uganda or coming alone. If you are alone, you can use $ 300 for accommodation in a furnished 1 bedroom apartment in Kansanga or Muyenga which are nearest to your university, then the rest of $ 400 for the rest like feeding and up keep among others. Best regards


It is always relative the payments and life style.
It is always better to have job than no job.
700 $ is not too much but you can manage.
Food is relatively cheaper commute is no big issue.
Residence you have to check Areas but African can get accommodate themselves in low cost localities with some commute with boda boda (BIKE).
So think your self...If you are getting same in Nigeria no need to travel but if yu are getting half of it go try Uganda.
Best wishes.

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