Marriage in Vietnam

I am planning to get marry in December, 18th, 2016 in Dak Lak, Vietnam at girl's house first and than the my house in Ho Chi Minh in January. I have a question about what I should do and what type of steps needed in order to bring my wife to the U.S later on. I am planning to get the single affidavit in America and then go to Vietnam. What other steps should I take either in America or once I come back to Vietnam. Please help.

Maybe you should check the appropriate US government websites. The government will try to provide information, but most importantly they make the final decisions/approval. There are many different routes and opinions about the subject.

Perhaps this can be a starting point for you: … iance.html

You can get your wife to register your marriage couple weeks before you land. Than when you do get married you can sign the marriage certificate.

I don't know about U.S but my wife had to get police certificate #2 and medical certificate to be able to go Canada.

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