Which DSLR Would you recommend to Buy ?

I have seen a lot of promotions coming on Nikon / Canon these days

cant evaluate which one to proper on other !!!

what are the things to check in a Camera when buying DSLR ?

Canon and Nikon are equally top-notch and it's all a matter of personal choice. Once you choose one and gradually buy the whole armor of lenses, it gets difficult to change the entire suite. So be careful while you make the first move.

Though good for learning, don't go for an absolute entry level. If you do, in a couple of months you'll be in the mood to upgrade. Choose an intermediate level in stead.

meetnauman :

what are the things to check in a Camera when buying DSLR ?

Check you need a DSLR.
The brands you mentioned share a reputation for top quality equipment, but are you intending to take top quality photos?
I've seen many people buy very nice, really expensive cameras, but only use them for things a mid range semi pro camera would do just as well.

I love to keep good Memories

and Memories become more beautiful if they are captured nicely

so looking for a good Utility to make my memories better

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