Thai politics

Thinking of moving to Chiang Mai sometime during the next 24 months, for retirement.  I am substantially concerned about the victories of the military junta and the future of democracy there.  I'm wondering how expats living there feel about all that.


I have spoken to a few, none of whom care in the slightest as it makes zero difference to them in any way.
Unless you intend to be a political activist it's unlikely to be an issue.
Maybe people over there would comment on the changes (or lack of) caused by this.

Thank you.  Will foreign retirees living in Thailand also be required to use a SIM card for tracking, do you know?

The latest on SIM card tracking: … -thailand/

It seems there might be a potential issue for expats.

There are suggestions this is political terrorism rather than religious. Watch this space.

Thank you.  Interesting stuff!!

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