Selling car in Uruguay as a tourist

Hello there everyone!

I am currently during travel through Americas and I am doing it with a car that I bought in United States. Now my journey is coming to an end and I need to do something with this vehicle of mine - sell it well preferably. Right now I am in Bolivia and it is possible here to do it for parts for around 3000 dollars, and my question is: do you think it is possible to do it in Uruguay for more and without to big problems about documents?

My car is Nissan Xterra 2000 in OK condition. Bought in New Jersey, registered in Oklahoma. Problem is that in course of certain events caused by my lack of experience I did not managed to obtain title. Registration documents are on my name, but only title I have got is the one of previous owner. How do you think it will work?

And if you could pass me some addresses of Uruguayan forums where I could ask locals the same I would be grateful as well.

Thanks to all!

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