Best clothing deals in District XII and V?

Hi. I will be moving to Budapest in a couple weeks to start a Bachelor of Science. I will be living in the XI District and my university is in the V district. I want to know the best places for buying everyday and winter clothes in a student budget. Thanks in advance.

Good quality items are not any cheaper then in the US in fact in some cases they cost more with the VAT tax.
Most students look like they shop in the second hand stores, those are just about everywhere these days.
I would bring my own gloves as most are really pricey if you want leather ones, the cheaper gloves are so thin.
You can find deals of course on E bay but I have never shopped that way here in HU.
People do not seem to dress "sharp" here as they did 15 or so years back. The "Hipster" look is everywhere.

Quality is quite low here in the cheaper stores and choices poor. 

C&A is not bad price wise and the quality reasonable.

Cheapest are KIK and those Chinese shops (Kinai Bolt - not a chain, just individual shops).

There's the Chinese market - quality and design atrocious but it's cheap.

I have not spent the last few winters in HU but the few times I was in Budapest in the winter, I found having good shoes/boots, hat/scarf and gloves to be important.
The rest can be second hand, when it gets really cold out, most people opt to just be warm, fashion isn't as important.
There are shopping malls all over Budapest with winter clothing, sweaters etc. Good quality is going to cost, second hand shops tend to sometimes overcharge for sweaters in my opinion. Some can cost $20. second hand, I usually bring over a few things every year from the US when I go home to visit.
In the states a good second hand sweater at the Goodwill can be less then $5.
One thing however is most people in Europe seem to not be into having tons of items to wear, they usually go for one or two good items and wear the same things over and over again.
Again when it does get cold here, fashion doesn't matter much. Most people layer.
There are so   many second hand shops here a few are called: Cream or Hada, they are chain second hand shops, here and there you can find charity shops.

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