Getting an Egyptian Birth Certificate for a new born

Hello everyone,

We have just moved to Egypt, Cairo. (5 months).

We are British nationals escaping the weather and the rate race.

My  wife is due to give birth in December and we where told it would be difficult to get a passport for the new born, because the birth certificate takes 3 months possibly longer.

Has anyone (British) gave birth in Cairo and gone through the process of registering the baby and obtaining a British passport for them. If so I would appreciate you sharing your experience with us.

We are contemplating going back to London for my wife to give birth, because of the passport issue as well as, the fact most births in Egypt are done via C section and no one has any idea of what natural birth means (that's another story).

Any advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance

Definitely have your baby in the UK if you can, no question. Take advice before leaving on the requirements for re-entering the country with a new baby as waiting for a newborn's passport to be issued & visa granted might take longer than expected.

Thank you Della for your reply. That's exactly what we decided, there are too many unknowns in Egypt.

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