Moving with a family

Hello. I am a female, 31, and from the USA. I have cerebral palsy and waIk with crutches and use a wheelchair for long distances am working on my associates degree (in nothing special) and will work on getting my TEFL certificate.
I have a live with partner (boyfriend) and a one year old daughter. because of my education goals and duties, I cannot leave for another 2 years.
My question is, how do I find work from the USA? I know my disability will be a a problem, but can I still find jobs? And, can and how do I go about bringing my family with me and getting my daughter educated and my boyfriend possible employment?

May I ask, are you Caucasian or do you have any roots in the Far East? Also are you particularly looking to move to Taiwan or are you just looking to move anywhere outside of the USA?

I am half korean half white. Im looking to move to Taiwan because I will only have an associates degree.

Hi SugarBee22,

I'm really not qualified to give advice as I don't have experience in TEFL, but I would assume that you just need to write to English Language schools, and there are plenty of them in Taiwan and all over Asia, and so many of them can be found on the internet.

For your boyfriend, it may be difficult for him to just move and live in a country in Asia unless he is able to find a job himself so perhaps he too should get a TEFL certificate. Teaching English is one of the easiest jobs to find overseas and many people back home who have either quit a job or been fired or just want some adventure in their lives turn to it. Many Asian countries are quite strict in their requirements for English Teachers and Work Permits. For your daughter who is a dependent, it should be easier.

As far as supporting your daughter overseas, different countries have different rules about schooling. Some countries will allow you to put your daughter in a local school while others do not allow it and will insist that you put her into an International School, which more often than not is extremely expensive, and almost certainly not affordable on the salary of an English Teacher. So that is certainly something to consider.

I know that even for those working for teaching organizations such as the British Council, only Regional Directors and Country Directors and other senior positions get accommodation provided and free schooling for their kids at International Schools. But at this level the salaries are usually upwards of £50k. One of my friends, a former Director of the British Council in China had a huge house in the Diplomatic Compound in Beijing and his children all went to International School there.

So many English Teaching jobs do not pay a very good salary. Some even are very low and provide accommodation and meals such as some in China. It may even be worth checking with your own government for advice about TEFL overseas.

I am so sorry I cannot give better advice. I am sure there are lots of TEFL Teachers out there who can give more accurate detailed advice and share their own experience of how they found their jobs and about salaries and supporting children overseas.

Good luck.


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