Moving with a family

Hello. I am a female, 31, and from the USA. I have cerebral palsy and waIk with crutches and use a wheelchair for long distances am working on my associates degree (in nothing special) and will work on getting my TEFL certificate.
I have a live with partner (boyfriend) and a one year old daughter. because of my education goals and duties, I cannot leave for another 2 years.
My question is, how do I find work from the USA? I know my disability will be a a problem, but can I still find jobs? And, can and how do I go about bringing my family with me and getting my daughter educated and my boyfriend possible employment?

I cannot answer your question about getting work but I would strongly advise against trying to cope with a wheelchair in Cambodia. The sidewalks are not wheelchair friendly, are often blocked by parked cars, motorcycles etc.nd never have ramps to ease the wheelchair off.

I really don't want to be negative but I have a wheelchair bound friend in France that I have arranged to meet in Singapore as Vietnam and Cambodia are not wheelchair friendly.

thank you.

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