My son...lost and found

I posted the other day about my son. He is a gentle guy but has fallen ill .depressed and confused. I found him today via social media. He went on walkabout. Left hotel lost money. He is not drug user never has been. I have sentWU money but his phone is flat. My question. I would prefer a "safe house' where ge can be watched until sat/sunday when i will Fly in. I do not wantvhim walking out. If anyone knows who would offer this i would be grateful. I will of course pay expenses or charity donate. Thanks to you kevin

Where is he? Phnom Penh? Siem Reap? Sihanoukville?

Might be better to post on one of the expat forums.


Sorry to tell you this Kevin but--unfortunately--there really are no "safe" houses in PP; not even for women and children.  I currently reside in PP and the only recommendation that I can forward concerning the "possibility" of something even near that category; is to request that you contact an NGO here in town (which may be able to render some type of assistance/information).

Or; another idea is to call a hospital here in PP (either Calmette or Royal Hospital Of PP ) & ask to be transferred to their social work/social services department (the above hospitals were the only 2 on the list ;provided by the US Embassy in PP).  Once in the appropriate department; you can then attempt to seek information per your issues.

Phone numbers are as follows:  855 + 23 42 69 48 / 23 72 48 91 (Calmette Hospital) OR 855 23 99 10 00 (Royal Hospital of PP).

Also; congratulations on the relocation of your son.   Please accept my apologies for not being able to be of greater assistance and good luck in resolving the current situation.

What a lovely kind reply. I am trying to get him to WUNION to get cash out for a hotel. I have a friend in siem real to stay with him until I arrive. I will post the outcome of this. Thanks to everyone.

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