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Can anyone explain the brazil visa stamp on how many days is left on visa. Mine is stamped with numbers 552, clas.01, Doc. 03, Prazo looks like it is written 80 or 90 with small writing beside. also on my return stamp prazo has just 2 scribbled lines through it and I should have exactly 40 days left on my 90 day visa.

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Please note that for Prazo (deadline) on passport the officer always writes 2 anos, so to my understanding that would be that I can reenter Brazil within the next 2 years at anytime, due to the fact that I need to enter Brazil atleast once every 2 years to keep our permanency valid. 

However as far as I have seen it never mentions the remaining number of days.  This is something I can be wrong in as well because it varies from person to person. 



On a tourist visa it will be however many days are left or allowed.

Thank you Stanza 51,
I am just worried because I'm going next month to mark my date for marriage and I currently have 37 days left on my visa of the 90 allowed. you are allowed to enter multiple times in one year until you have used the 90 days. I have been twice this year already.

If you only have 37 days left it probably won!t be enough time to get married.

Thank you. I'm just going over to take more belongings and to mark the date of marriage. Staying 9 days and returning to US. Then when 2 days before marriage date flying back to marry to live permanent. As long as i have days left i can return and exit several times. Right?

Hi Cejames

Yes that is possible, however just keep in mind as I have stated in my earlier posts on  A lot of time the government personnel do not know how to handle situations for "foreigners" hence it is always advisable to be safe :)

Overall everything seems fine.  What jland912 meant by his answer that  it probably won't be enough time to get married is accurate. 

However just to share the experience of someone I know, he had a limited time left on his visa, and due to his certain nationality he was not being allowed an extension.  Hence he went to the cartorio with one of those "Extra Extra Large Size Hershey Bars" gave it to the person who was incharge and explained the situation.  He was given a marriage date after 5 days :)

What I mean to say is that somethings depend a bit on luck as well.

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Yes some things do in the old process my permanacia was approved on day 179 one day before the expiration of my 90 day extension otherwise I would have had to leave, I wasn't going too. With or without I was going to stay with my wife and they probably wouldn't deport me If I did

you would not have had to leave. After you apply for permanency as long as you are married to a brazilian you are fine.  I notified the PF that I wanted to extend my protocol and was told it wasn't necessary. i even made 2 trips to USA while I waited. I only had to let them know when I was leaving the country.

I need help.I Invite my brother.but I don't now.I am from Pakistan.  I am live in brasil.I am got married.....

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