request for info about setting up a busineee in mauritius

Hello everybody
Could someone living and working in Mauritius help me in the following matter plz :
1)    I would like to start a business in Mauritius and I want to know what are the most demanding items in this islands ( stationaries, shoes, Scholl bags,household items, food, electronics,cell phones ect…) plz advise.
2)    I want to know of there is a high tax on importing such thing ? if yes what is the max percentage to be paid as customer duty ?
3)    How much will cost a rent for a let say 20 square meter shop in town or just outside town if it is cheaper ?
4)    Is there any problem is getting out goods ( merchandises imported ) from the Mauritius port ?how long does it take to finalize the output of an imported container of 20 feet ?
5)    Finally is there such thing that brokers will buy merchandises you imported on the spot without getting it out from the customer , cash ?
I appreciate all answer in advance


First of all, please note that as a foreigner, to do business, you will need an Occupation Permit. And one of the conditions attached to this type of permit is the annual turnover that your business will have to generate for the first three years...right now, I think it's MUR 4 million annually (around €100,000) with an initial investment of $100,000.

Now coming to your questions:
1) There are already many local players for the items you mentioned and you run the risk of a collision course with local players which will negatively impact your business and lower your turnover.
One way to succeed is to find a niche market with new products not usually found on the local arena...example you can launch a Tunisian-themed outlet.

2) I think this depends on the type and category of items that you are importing. Custom duties will apply accordingly. You will have to check with the custom and revenue authority for more precise info.

3) I have no idea about the rent however it will depend on the location and facilities provided. In a mall or other shopping center, it's gonna cost you much more than for a stand-alone spot.

4) and 5) Regarding import and logistic technicalities, again you must contact the custom authority and revenue authority.
Here's the link:

Hope this helps.

thanks a lot my dear for all this informations

Hi Hounameali

There are quite appealing investment opportunities in Mauritius, and it is always advisable to go in a line of activities, which you either are well acquainted with or love.

Howvere, for sure, you will not get an Occupation Permit for setting up a Commercial activity, as it is neither result in much value added, nor create jobs.

In Mauritius, the government is laying much emphasis on quite some sectors, such as Tertiary Education, Renewable Energy, or Medical Services, amongst others.

Best of luck in your endeavours.



thank you mr vayid for your response
however I would like to ask you the following :
does the government encourage investor for the heavy industry for exemple setting up a float glass factory line in mauritius ? if yes can you tell me do you import such commodity as glass into mauritius or you already have such factory even in small scale .
best regards


For sure the government encourages such investment.

Should you give some additional details, I or other members would be please to enlighten you.

Still, it would be most intelligent that you explore on the viability of such a venture, especially for the export market.



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