taxi fares from Puerto Plata to Maco

been gone for awhile but, I am back.
anyone know the price of a taxi from Puerto Plata airport to Maco?
even a good private taxi

Wow,  no idea on that one. I would think it is  US 150 - 200  maybe.  I think it is about  US 100 from Santiago airport to Puerto Plata

To Santiago airport from Puerto Plata is $100
You might contact Elias who has a new van, speaks perfect English and is very reliable.  We, our friends and clients use him all the time for long haul trips.  We have gone with him from Puerto Plata to Samana, Santiago airport, and Santo Domingo.
Here is his contact info:
809-842-5557 (cell phone).  His cell is the best way to get him.

Bob K

thank you for the information.

You are welcome.  Good luck

Bob K

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