Ice Hockey Club

Hello Saigonese,

We just moved to Saigon a week ago and trying to settle in here in the city. We live in District 2, and our kids go to the school near by.
My 6 years old son is an ice hockey player and he loves ice hockey and ice skating. It would be wonderful if any of you could tell us if there's an ice hockey club or training happening here in HCMC.

Thanks a lot.


Google is your friend:

but it looks like you would see a little more activity in Hanoi:

Thanks a lot for the link, but I have already contacted them before we moved here and didn't get any feedback in turn. As for the Hanoi one, it makes no sense for us to travel all the way up there, since we're located in HCMC.


I obviously did not expect you to travel to Hanoi even to benefit a 6 year old.  I also think it is a bit ethnocentric to expect a less developed country in the tropics to have a well developed hockey program.

I'm looking for a place to watch NHL hockey playoff next week in HCMC ?

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