Moving to Fujairah next month.

Hello everyone,

My name is Kieran and I am from the UK.

My wife and I are moving to Fujairah next month. We are really looking forward to getting to Fujairah and getting to meet new people.

A few questions if you would be willing to help?

- What do you like best about Fujairah?
- What are the best things to do in Fujairah?
- What are nice areas to be looking for an apartment in? Best websites for searching?

Also we will be looking to make new friends, so if you fancy a cup of coffee and a chat that would be cool.

Thank you so much in advance for your answers to these questions, looking forward to interacting with you all.


Hi Kieran,

My husband and I (with our 15 month old son) are moving to Fujairah in three weeks. I am from Spain and he is from the USA. It would be great to meet up and grab a cup of coffee once we are settled in.


Fantastic. That would be great.

I will message you our email address :)

Heyyy Guys,

We recently moved back from Germany to Fujairah.. really looking out for some social life, play dates for my kids (almost 3 yrs daughter and 19 months old son).. looking forward for grabbing brunches (I heart brunches) hanging out doing some activities just to get out of the routine and most importantly looking for new friends.. I'm sure my new friends is somewhere out there they just need to reply in the section below :)


Hey there.

Would be cool to grab a coffee or a meal at some point. What part of town are yu guys staying?

I will PM my wife's number and you could WhatsApp her or call and arrange something :)

Hiiii Kieran,

We are located in New Sakamkam area..
And definitely looking forward to hang out!!


We are in new sekamkam too. Second last building. Above power magic nutrition, near shwarmayat

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