Keeping up with the news in Swaziland

Hello everyone,

Living in Swaziland provides countless occasions to browse local newspapers, listen to local radio stations or watch local TV shows. As everywhere else in the world, local media play a key role in informing the public.

What are the major media in Swaziland? Which one do you use on a regular basis?

How do you keep up with international issues (newspapers, radio, TV, Internet)?

Thank you in advance!



I don't have cable tv (DSTV), so I don't watch the news on TV. I have found that a high percentage of Swazis read the newspaper here for news. This appears to be the best way to keep up with local news. They buy the Times of Swaziland and the Observer every day, both for about E5 each. The radio is also a good source of news as many Swazis listen to the radio during the day while at work. For international news, I use my computer or my cell phone for BCC, CNN and Al Jezeerah news.


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