Keeping up with the news in Liberia

Hello everyone,

Living in Liberia provides countless occasions to browse local newspapers, listen to local radio stations or watch local TV shows. As everywhere else in the world, local media play a key role in informing the public.

What are the major media in Liberia? Which one do you use on a regular basis?

How do you keep up with international issues (newspapers, radio, TV, Internet)?

Thank you in advance!


Hi Priscilla
Thank you for writing me.

Actually what I have notice here in Monrovia/Liberia that most of the people love to listen the radio instead of watching TV.

Usually we are not going outside from our company accommodation. However, I saw that life is normal here like anywhere else as well. Other day we went to the local market and it was crowded, full of people. Everyone was busy with his own tasks and enjoying the life

Daily observer is one of the top newspapers in Liberia.

Rest.. we have internet so always keep in touch with Family :)


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