Keeping up with the news in Belize

Hello everyone,

Living in Belize provides countless occasions to browse local newspapers, listen to local radio stations or watch local TV shows. As everywhere else in the world, local media play a key role in informing the public.

What are the major media in Belize? Which one do you use on a regular basis?

How do you keep up with international issues (newspapers, radio, TV, Internet)?

Thank you in advance!


90 % of my news comes from news links on the internet the rest comes from local contacts.

Yes, of course, Belize has many national newspapers, and national tv and radio programmes.

The newspapers tend to be politically biased but I find 'The Reporter' to be the most independent.

Love TV and radio programmes seem to be the popular choice for many Belizeans and you can normally hear Love FM radio in the background when you enter many offices or work areas, countrywide.

Cable tv is available in all of the towns and large villages in Belize and foreigners are always amazed at the very low monthly fees that Belizeans pay for their 120 or so channels. These include all major movie networks as well as news channels, sports, etc.

For me, keeping abreast of international events is by tv but, of course, the news is also on my computer every morning.

Good Morning, I have watched Love FM, and to religious for me. Belize news on the Internet with all papers, and TV stations. No investigative report.

Love Tv - religious?

You must be referring to the death announcements

Good Morning, the black announcer on the morning talk show, and I hate to discribe him as such. Went to say "the reason for all of the corruption in Belize is its lack of Christianity by its leaders". A side note. I had to have a deed notarized yesterday, and did so by taking it to Magistrate of the Supreme Court. This is suppose to be a free service, and was charged $20.00 bzd. Goes to show corruption goes to every part of this spiders web.

Keeping up with the news, local/Belize and world, isn't hard to do.

Each morning in my e-mail I have the headline feed from The New York Times (NYT) and TIME magazine. NYT also supplies an e-mail called the Daily Briefing -- it tells you what is coming up for the day as well as which are currently hot and running news stories, this day in history and more. It is a nice fresh forward look.

NYT charges after you have read 10 free stories each month -- or you could open them on another device, clear your cookies out or open a "blind" browser to keep reading. Not proud of this but I promise that I will soon subscribe to NYT online!

I sometimes watch the local San Pedro morning show, time permitting, especially when the mayor does his weekly (Thursday) visit to the station to answer questions.

The local newspaper, San Pedro Sun, posts news online in real time and produces a print edition on Fridays. Both are very useful.

During the day, Google will send me a digest of news stories with Belize in them and a second digest of stories involving San Pedro. Stories are drawn from all the TV channels and newspapers in Belize, as well as other Caribbean news outlets. It is a quite random offering but always has something of interest. Very easy to set up a feed on Google News.

Most newspapers in Belize do follow the tradition of partisanship but once you know where they stand and can adjust for the slant, they aren't so bad.

Some blogs, like San Pedro Scoop, keep us up to date on upcoming events, new developments in restaurants, stores, entertainment, etc. is another great source of local news as they reprint a digest of news from around the country and members frequently post on current Belize and island events. There are several Facebook groups designed around news, information and security issues that are well worth joining.

And finally, there is a Coconut Wire -- the endless stream of gossip. But remember, in Belize every story has three stories.

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