Keeping up with the news in Austria

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Living in Austria provides countless occasions to browse local newspapers, listen to local radio stations or watch local TV shows. As everywhere else in the world, local media play a key role in informing the public.

What are the major media in Austria? Which one do you use on a regular basis?

How do you keep up with international issues (newspapers, radio, TV, Internet)?

Thank you in advance!


All the TV channels in Austria are in the German language, Austria has its own stations but Germany also shares its channels via satellite and cable.

The Radio station ORF FM4  is in English (6am - 12 noon), with the news taking it in turn (English, German & French.)

There's no printed English newspapers but there is The Local thats an online news website which covers all local news and international news in English.

The state television is ORF with 2 main channels, plus sport all in HD. We also regularly watch the German free to air channels, which do dominate the market. On cable TV BBC World news is available (with emphasis on Asia for whatever reason), and BBC entertainment with old repeated series. Occasionally the Austrians and especially the Swiss broadcast Hollywood movies with 2 sound channels, so that the original English sound track is audible if you change the sound settings.
Austrian news is fairly balanced, well presented, with emphasis on Central Europe as well as World News. Their newscasters have the best no dialect speaking voices, even far better than most of the German newscasters, and are excellent journalists. One of their foreign correspondents speaks about 10 different languages, including Russian and Ukranian. They also have a highly professional weather expert on usually after the 19:30 bulletin, who always distracts with stunning clothes and high heels!

any English station?

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any English station?

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