Job in Jakarta

Hi my name is Matt Lawrence.
I am currently in New Zealand, and a NZ Citizen.

My fiancé is Indonesian and we're getting married next year in Jakarta. We have decided to stay in a Jakarta as this is the best option for us.

I am now looking for a job up in Jakarta preferably an expat job, and cant start ASAP.

My experience is in banking and corporate finance, 5 yrs plus. I have experience as a analyst and can conduct market research, plus interpret financial statements. But at the end of the day I'm happy with different options/industries.

Is anyone able to help me secure something?


Not really the topic in question, but could be handy anyway.
Get a prenup stating you have no ownership of any property you buy in Indonesia, but with safeguards to stop it being sold out from under you if unfortunate events happen.
You can't legally buy property without it.

Welcome to the forum Matt,

The most difficult part will be to find a company entitled and willing to sponsor your work and stay permit which you will need.

You must also provide a diploma/certificate in the exact field your company is applying your work permit for.

Reference letters from previous employers must be supplied covering the last 5 years aside of other documents.

Only foreigners who are so specialized in the job position may have a chance otherwise priority is that the locals must fulfill the position.

Thank you

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