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Hi all,

My name is Susanne and I am a teacher in Norway. Our students here have been in touch with a school in Masaka (Litmus Light Jr School) for over a year now and we have been invited to visit the school (teachers only, no kids). Is that something you would consider is safe for us to do ? Unfortunately we have not been very successful researching the school much. Are we being a little naive or do you think it is something we could do?

Any advice from you would be greatly appreciated !

Best wishes from sunny Norway,

Please let me clarify
I have never been to Masaka.
I can give you some general insight for Uganda and safety.
Uganda is generally a safe country for day time and with some companion.
Shops do shut in semi urban areas at dusk.
If you are not having big cash with you you are not a risk group.
I have wandered alone with bike during day time in Jinjja and Mayuge area there is no significant risk in doing that.
If you trust your host and know some of them believe me they are not cunning people you can trust them.
Uganda is not Nigeria so do not worry too much.
There are many Indian in Kampala and jinjja.
There are some westerners in Kampala and Jinjja as well.
I will advise to go  but with necessary precautions as you seems taking.

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