Hungarian Citizenship via Ancestry - Marriage Certificate needed?

Hi all,

I'm an Australian looking to apply for Hungarian citizenship via ancestry. My Grandfather was born in Hungary and moved to Australia after the war. I have all of his documents, (birth certificate, military ID, passport, etc), but I don't have access to his marriage certificate. I contacted the consulate in Canberra and they're telling me I need the marriage certificate, but I'm reading accounts from people saying they were able to get citizenship just by showing the ancestral lineage with birth certificates.

Does anyone know whether they actually need the grandparent's marriage certificate?

Sorry no experience with using grandparents papers to get HU citizenship.
A few other posters have done so through their grandparents here on this site, just look over some of the older posts and maybe you will find the answer.
My son got HU citizenship through his father. My husband did have all his old papers and some about his parents as well but this was through the HU embassy in S. Cal. and around 15 to 17 years back.
They may of changed things by now.
They do seem to have a "thing" about marriage certificates though, I had some issues due to marriage certificates to get my resident permit.
Perhaps you can contact your embassy again and someone else will advice you better then the last worker did.
Good luck.

I don't claim to know the answer,  but I think they may want to see marriage certificates to show that births are legitimate.

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