Shipping to Singapore?

Hello! Can anyone help me? I have packages need to ship to Singapore but I wonder about airplane shipping and seaway shipping. Which one is better because this is first time I shipping something out of country. My package is about 70kg. Please suggest for me! <3

Shipping will be way cheaper.

Thank for reply but can you say it clearly? You mean seaway or airplane?

Sorry, by ship or seaway as you call it.

Thanks colinoscapee! That help me a lot for my decision.

Hi, with small volume package airway is cheaper in the end. I can have airfreight checked for your compare if you want to.

Why would air be cheaper, its charged by the kilo.

Sea freight is much cheaper than air freight but it requires many procedures and services. It will be more at the end. That's what I experienced from my work.

Ok, interesting, I will have to remember that.

Did you send the parcel yet? i can help you, i always send out shirts and fabrics to singapore by airway, got there in 1 day, only SG$8 per kg

can anyone recommend a good and reliable shipping company? would like to ship furniture and misc household items back to singapore when i move back. thanks in advanced.

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