im asian, i meet this jordanian (origin from palestine and currently living in kuwait) 2 years ago, want to know is there any high percentage for Jordanian to get married with asian, are they willing to change their nationality and follow me back to my country? act he is future doctor, we met during study, we still not confess our feeling yet, but seems like he like me, but he is too shy, is there any possibility he will confess to me? he is the elder of the family, and hold big responsibility? if he did confess.. can i trust him, he is muslim too, we never hang out.. because im muslim too.. wht the consequence if i choose to marry him?

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The only person who can answer these questions is the man his self. As this is a private matter these kind of personal subjects doesn't belong on a site like this.
Nobody knows him or you so we are not able to help you.

Male Jordanians do marrying foreign women, most of them while they already abroad. Some of them met their future wife here.

If he wants to follow you to your country , is it a requirement to change his nationality?
As fas as I know the Jordanians are proud about their country, who and what they are and they will never change their nationality.
Maybe to require a second one, but never change it.

As he is the oldest son, he has a big responsibility for his family. They take it very seriously but it depends all on the family.

Hope you feel confident enough to open your heart to this man and talk with him about your concerns.

Take care and good luck.

thank u primadonna for ur dearest advise. 😆
all what u said really just same what i really felt deep down inside.
this in turn make me afraid of doing any futher step with him. coz i afraid of those fact being true. from wht i know him, he really love his country, just a bit of me have some hope if he love me he will follow me. seems like i have to move on, coz even me cant sacrifice my own nationality and how come i can expect more from him right?

try to talk more with him, to find out more about his life

Don't give up yet!!!!

First you need to know if he has feelings for you like you have for him.
After a while you can discuss the future: how you see it and how he sees it.

What I don't understand is: is it really necessary that one of you have to give up your nationality? I have the feeling it isn't. If your future is in Jordan and you get married, you can apply Jordan citizenship after five years of marriage without give up yours.
And why he must follow you to the Philippines? You don't have to answer here but you can ask yourself why.

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