looking for new friends

Hello everybody,
Iam almas from pakistan
Im new in Ankara
Looking for some people to whom I can talk in english because I dont understand turkish
Is there any foreigner who want to spend ssome time??

I'm Cetin from Istanbul, I've read your message. First of all welcome to Turkey, I hope you will have fun and have good relationships and memories about Istanbul.

have fun

thank you so much
i also want to visit istanbul
but im living in Ankara and i want to meet new people in Ankara

Oh sorry almasfatima,

Ankara is boring city comparing to Istanbul, I lived there for 2 years to work Turkish Aerospace Indursty (TAI) ıt is boring but lots of young people from university and burocracy people lives there and education level is high, people lives in Ankara are kind. To meet young people especially university students, you can go 7th street, Tunali and nowadays popular area is Cayyolu.
If you visit istanbul, I'm aircraft engineer at the Ataturk airport, you can write me.
see you

okay thanku soo much
i will visit tunali street for sure
and whenever i visit istanbul i will write you,
thank u

hello almasfatima ,
how are you ?
i am Semih , living in Ankara . you can contact with me : )

I'm Hamada I'm Moroccan I'm working as arabic-French translator in U.N. (United nations) I'm living in Ankara I'm social person I studied body language I want know more about you :) If u don't have any problem:) I can speak Arabic French English and little Turkish

im living in ankara too

you can contact me as well. i am Turkish but i can help you with any question in Ankara. i am Ankaranian ;o)

Hello almost,
I m an Indian expat recently started working in Ankara. Do not hesitate to reply if you want to communicate.
Good day

hı frıend.

send me ur fbook adress ıts better...take care

Hello friend. I'm living in Ankara. Also native English speaker. You can contact me!

hey there,  how you doing on Ankara,  alone,  on job or what, 
I am Raising from India employed in Saudi arabia

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