Non-profit organizations in Vietnam

I am considering moving some of my non-profit org members to Vietnam. 
What is the process of starting a new non-profit org in Vietnam?
Is it possible to register an existing foreign non-profit org in Vietnam?
Once established,......
What is the process of opening a non-profit bank account?   Is it possible? 

US $ or local currency bank account?  Which is better?

International Transfers of funds to a non profit bank account in Vietnam?

Can money be transferred to personal bank accounts - wages for foreigner and local employee?

Nothing specific to offer but as a senior consultant with an extensive communications background, I am interested in relocation opportunities to Vietnam.

Hello coffee pot,
Are you Still worrying about set up bank account and registeration for NGO? I am not sure I can help you all job but my back ground in finance and bank can help you walk through step by step easier and smoothly, if you still need help, pls do not hesitate to contact with me, Que An

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