fine for overstaying

My  cousin' visa got expired  and he has got a new offer but previous company did not cancel his visa .Now its two months since hus visa got expired. Now he wants to go back to india.what will be the fine he has to pay in airport for overstaying???

from my experience of my friends you have to pay 50BD per month that you are overstayed.
This is based on the normal cost of 25BD per two weeks for extending your visa or a new arrival visa.

However I have read news recently that the Visa cost for Indian nationals will be decreasing, so not sure whether the fine will decrease or not also.

but to be safe expect a minimum of 50BD


What steviehouse was referring to was about Visit visa, your case relates to Resident permit/work visa. LMRA allows you to overstay for a period of one month (grace period) anything more than that you may be subject paying a hefty fine and according to the law it is illegal. I would recommend you call LMRA, explain them the situation and get help from them even before booking the ticket to fly out.


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