Suggestions for come living and working in the US

Hello everyone, my name is Thomas and I'm from Italy. I have a BA in Foreign Languages: English, German and French. I can work as translator and interpreter. You guys don't know how lucky you are. I am desperately seeking a way to come living and working in the US.  The problem is that it is very very difficult to make my dream come true as there are various obstacles for foreigners to reach the USA. I am in contact with a relative living in Miami, but he keeps saying to me that I should try and go living in another country. His words are like a punch in the stomach as I love America: its culture, its people its everything. If you guys living in the US have any suggestions for me to make my dream come true don't hesitate! That's all for now. Nice to meet you! :)

The American dream is mostly a myth. If you can find a decent job, the quality of life is much nicer in Italy. Funny how foreigners see American movies and TV and think every has a great life; big house,  a couple of sports cars, private plane, super model wife and sit arounds chatting in chic restaurants half of the day with their great looking, charming friends.... Maybe you should listen to your relative in Miami because they seem to be realistic. Yeah, if one actually would line up the great paying dream job then they might have a shot at a decent life but stop wasting your time thinking about it and begging for others to make it happen for you.

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