Colombia charging Canadians entry fee Aug. 2016

Hi, can anyone tell me if Colombia is charging Canadians an entry/exit fee. If so, how much is it. I will be in Cali next week (Aug. 18,2016) for 5 days.
Thanks in advance.

Thanks to ex pm Harper we pay 171000 for a 90 day visa, this what I paid in July, it must pegged to inflation rate as last year 160k, I paid by Visa in Bogota, so no need to have pesos or $.  Bogota has a special line for canuckers if paying for tourist visa at immigration which is way faster than reg lineup, it's at the far end.

Hi and thank you.
You mentioned a "tourist visa" I assume you mean the Colombian stamp in the passport not an actual "visa" as would be required PRIOR to entering the country.
Thanks again for the feedback.

It's on arrival - nothing required in advance. I see not applicable for this trip but the fee can be avoided if you take an Air Transat flight to San Andres or Cartagena during charter season as pax on these charter flights are exempt. I did this in Jan. By arriving San Andres from Montreal then took a really cheap Viva Colombia flight to Cali for 2 weeks. I did get dinged for the San Andres fee on the way back from Cali though but all told flight costs weren't much more than 800 CAD.

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