So how does this actually work?

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This has probably been answered before, if so, I apologize.

I would like to go abroad to NZ for 2 years+ to temporarily work and live there. This is not an intended permanent move.

I'm just not sure how the process of obtaining a work visa and finding a job works. I skimmed the visa requirements and believe I qualify. The part I'm not sure about is - do I first go over on say a holiday visa and try to find work there, then if a company is willing to hire me - they sponsor me my work visa? Am I able to obtain a work visa prior to going over? Or should I somehow find employment etc. from this side before I'm allowed over?

I'm situated in Cape Town and work in IT as a software tester. I have my eyes set on Wellington NZ. Additionally, would 100k and budget living be a reasonable amount for a single guy to pull this process off?

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

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I suggest that you read through the visa requirements carefully.
If you go over on a holiday visa and find a job, you will still have to leave NZ so your job application can be processed in your home country.

For cost of living try

you do not qualify for a work visa without the offer of skilled no you don't as its the main ingredient in the process along with the employer having to show no locals can do the job..99% of employers will not recruit from offshore..however sometimes they will

Thank you for the feedback.

However, I often hear from acquaintances who claim they simply went over without a prior job offer - then simply went for interviews until they got a job. I'm not sure whether they first came back to SA whilst processing the required applications etc. however they all failed to mention this, so I assumed not.

None of these cases were for NZ though and mostly England, though I'm sure it's mostly the same.


Immigration/job applications etc vary greatly from country to country. NZ and Australia are toughening up.
You can get a working holiday visa which allows you to come over and find a temp type job such as fruit picking, farm work etc.

Everything said previously is true. Most companies will not hire out of country. If you are IT, you have a much better chance. Go to
These companies are looking for out of country employees, as they cannot fill positions from within NZ.   Good luck! I'm hoping to be in NZ soon myself.

Hallo,I know from experience it is very very difficult to get a job here without a work permit and to get a work permit you need a job!. My son who was a senior IT manager in Hong Kong for 15 years,his experience didn't matter,he had lots of interviews but as soon as they found out he did not have a work permit but a visitors visa for a year he was told time and time again,if he had had a work permit he would have got the job,but sorry no. The reason being it costs a lot of money and time for the company to get you a work permit.
H e eventually got a job down in Dunedin and after 3 months trial he applied for his work permit and was successful but Immigration wanted to know why he was getting paid $10000 a year less than the going rate for his grade of job,but luckily the company he works for finds it difficult to recruit staff for what they do so they upgraded his pay.
Bottom line is,it is not easy to get a job and there are a lot of pitfalls out there and like businesses all over the world there are sharks and  not all Kiwis are as honest as you would like them to be.

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