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Having been on holiday in Malta several times, we have always been told by locals and bus drivers that there is a shortage of bus drivers, and in the middle of summer I can believe it. My wife and I are moving to Malta next year, but my son would like to join us if he had a job. He has been driving for nearly 20 years but would like to be trained for the PSV licence. Can anyone advise on what he can do as he has been told he cannot take this sort of job unless he lives in Malta.
Does he have to pass before he moves or is there a possibility a bus company could train him if he comes over.

Hi. The website at the moment gives details of requirements and also mentions support to move to Malta and become a bus driver. Link here:

Don't have any practical experience of it though. Good luck!

Hi there, thanks for the information. That is encouraging. The only problem seems that I have to be in living in Malta for six months before I can be trained. Have I got that correct or would they give me training if I came over?

Please see below

*In order to obtain a D licence one needs to be a resident in Malta for 6 months

The article clearly states that.

See, I don't know how to read this advert. It says they will support people to move here - but does that mean only people who already have a D licence?

Personally I don't think it's very clear. Also, that statement could mean you won't be given the licence until you've been resident 6mth, but could you start the training before?   

There's an email address for the HR director - maybe you could try contacting them for more specific advice?

Although, my (limited) experience with dealing with Maltese businesses so far is that they don't like responding to emails, phone calls work much better.

If you get a response please update the post to share what you learn.


in general - not just D - you cant get a new licence in malta unless you've been here 6 months.  But they do seem to speifically have a support process in place for foreigners to move here so they have a plan, just call them.

Thanks for that. I will forward any information I receive.

As I know from a friend of mine from Serbia, he applied at PTM with only possessing the B license. He got the bus driver training, with some extra practice hours and self study of theory he made his D license at PTM ... and is now, after a few months, he's official bus driver at PTM.
Salary is not that good considering the working hours and shifts, but for him it's better option than working in customer care  :)

Thanks for that. Its encouraging to know. When I have been in Malta, the amount of bus drivers that I have spoken to have told me how desperate they are for drivers.

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